East Wood church of Christ

Our Elders

Left to right: Steve Delaney, Charlie Neal, Michael Williams, Rudy Peoples.

We currently have four men who serve as elders for the congregation. These men exercise oversight of the church that meets at East Wood (1 Peter 5:2) and watch over our souls (Hebrews 13:17). These men all love the Lord, His church, and those whom they seek to shepherd. We are blessed to have such men serving the Lord here. 

Our Deacons

Top Row: David Belisle, Steve Blount, Craig Brown, Phillip Brown, Troy Buttrey

Second Row: Bob Comer, Adam Currence, Lavelle Davidson, Philip Davidson, Levi Dodd

Third Row: Jeff Figurelli, Brian Foster, Aaron Hutson, Adam Killion, Mike McDaniel

Bottom Row: John McDavid, Jason Smith, Lance Winders

Our Evangelists

Left: Our youth minister is Ethan Schulte. Ethan is a graduate from Freed-Hardeman University and is originally from Brookport, Illinois. Pictured is Ethan with his fiancé.

Right: Our preacher is Joshua Manning - born and raised in upstate NY in the city of Rochester.  Moved to TN and enrolled in the Memphis School of Preaching where he graduated in 2007.  After graduating from MSOP, Josh studied at Freed-Hardeman University where he graduated with a BA in History in 2011.  While a student at FHU, he met Laura West and started dating.  Following graduation, he interned with the Lebanon Road church of Christ as their summer youth intern.  After his internship he began full-time work as the preacher for the Clearview church of Christ in Lyles, TN where he worked for close to 6 and a half years.  In April, 2012 he married Laura.  At the beginning of March 2018, he moved to Paris to become our full-time preacher.


The Bible, God's inspired word to man, describes the group of people who follow Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior as "Christians" (Acts 11:26; Acts 26:28; 1 Peter 4:16). They were a part of the church that Jesus built (Matthew 16:18). Note they were not added to one of the many denominations that exist today. They were not called any modern denominational term - they were simply Christians.

We believe that if we follow the pattern for the church that we find in the Bible, we too can be simply Christians. We spend time in the study of the Bible and work to follow the pattern we find there of how to become Christians, how to worship our Lord as Christians, live our lives, and raise our families as Christians.

Our plea is a call back to the Bible. We want to speak where the Bible speaks, but also remain silent where the Bible is silent. Our desire is for you to join us in our study of Scripture in doing those things that New Testament Christians did in service to the Lord.